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Russian business
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description of job:
1. Contact foreign agents to follow up the transportation process of foreign section sea, road and multimodal transport in the area of responsibility;
2. It is necessary to develop foreign agents and maintain foreign agents that have cooperated;
3. Responsible for reviewing, costing, etc., collating and feedback to relevant colleagues.
job requirements:
1. Male or female, no nationality restrictions, bachelor degree or above;
2, Russian speaking, reading and writing proficiency
3. Have more than 1 year of business work experience;
4, have a good sense of service, have a good psychological quality, can withstand the pressure of work.
If you are interested in the position we posted, please contact us.
Email: nephr@nep-logistics.com.
Overseas Sales
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Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist the general manager to guide, direct, supervise and manage the company's various business tasks, and implement various procedures and work instructions;
2. Assist the general manager in formulating the enterprise development plan and business plan, and coordinate the deployment of various functional departments to implement;
3. Convene to preside over the general manager's office meeting, inspect, supervise and coordinate the work progress of various departments, coordinate and guide the work of the managers of various departments;
4. Bring together external information such as internal information, market and competition, and conduct comprehensive analysis to coordinate business development;
5. Responsible for the handling and coordination of the company's daily affairs and public affairs.
Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above, more than five years relevant work experience;
2. Strong organizational leadership, communication and management skills.
If you are interested in the position we posted, please contact us.
Email: nephr@nep-logistics.com.
Operation specialist
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Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above, international logistics operation has relevant work experience for more than 1 year;
2, proficient in Russian / English, fluent in spoken English, familiar with foreign trade, logistics documents and other related knowledge;
3. Strong communication skills, good teamwork spirit and service awareness;
4, good learning ability, responsible and engaged in the industry's passion, can withstand greater work pressure.
If you are interested in the position we posted, please contact our HR.
Email: nephr@nep-logistics.com.
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